New Management Set to Bring Heaven Or Hell to Stamford Bridge?

Chelsea’s announcement earlier this week that Luiz Felipe Scolari would be taking over as their new manager has sent people reeling – some with enthusiasm, others with dread.

Initial glances show people who are very excited about Scolari’s arrival. He has a reputation of helping players, and clubs as a whole, realize their hidden potential. This ability is coupled with his track record of taking the teams he manages to great displays in tournaments, including a World Cup win in 2002. This is a very appealing prospect to fans who want to see their favourite team play with the best of the best. The players seem to be looking forward to working with him too, even though he is also known for being tough. It seems their attitude is that having someone who is hard as nails is fine as long as he produces results.

And obviously, the powers that be at Chelsea are happy to have him. They ufabetมือถือ want someone to give the players’ egos a stomping when necessary. And most of all, they want to see exciting football and victories. Scolari is willing to provide that and isn’t afraid to yank popular players from the game if they aren’t performing. However, that isn’t to say, he doesn’t want talent on the squad.

And that is where the first of the complaints come in. Even though Chelsea is horribly in debt, they have reportedly given Scolari open access to their coffers in order to build the best team he can. There are a couple reasons this is a concern. The first is simply the money: how much more debt will the club take on trying to build the team of Scolari’s dreams? And will it be worth it? Then there is the concern over him garnering the ire of other clubs by targeting their key players before the official opening of transfer season. AC Milan has already told him to keep his hands off Kaka.

Then there is the trouble over which current players are worth fighting to retain. While some who are considered team trouble makers might thrive under Scolari’s firm hand, are they really worth the trouble to keep? And the players who are considering following their previous manager, Jose Mourinho, to Inter shouldn’t be forgotten. Key members of Chelsea need to be encouraged to stay, otherwise Scolari’s first year as manager will be a very costly one indeed.