Nerf Bars Are Not Cousin To Toy Footballs!

The Nerf bars one finds on everyday vehicles are usually installed more for show than any real purpose. Perhaps on some of the light pick-up trucks and SUVs, the side bars are useful to help the passengers of the vehicle step into and exit from the truck. One quick way to determine how useful the application of these types of sidebars actually are is to see how it is attached to the vehicle.

When the bar is simply attached to the side walls of the truck, chances are they are more for show. They will most likely support the weight of the individuals stepping on them to enter and exit, but this is about all they will hold.

If, on the other hand, the bar is found to be bolted to the under carriage or directly to the I-beam frame supporting the weight of the vehicle, then one can expect some real usefulness from the Nerf bars.

Installed in this manner, the bars, depending upon the materials of their construction, can actually support the weight of the vehicle. This comes in handy when used as a jack point for quick tire changes or should the vehicle find itself stuck in off-road situations and need to be pried loose from a ditch or other insurmountable obstacle.

The term nerf derives from its racing heritage where it means a small, often intentional crash or collision which can occur between two race cars. When one driver intends to pass another, the first nerfs the car of the one ahead which often facilitates their ability to pass the leading car.

To help prevent damage to these race cars, usually the single-seat ติดต่อแทงบอล ufabet variety, tubular metal devices were crafted and attached to the sides of race vehicles. The major effect of these bars was that they reduced or eliminated the sidewall damage resulting from these little nerfs.

More important than a few dents and scrapes, however, was the very real danger of having two high-speed tires coming into contact with each other. Serious accidents can occur when wheels collide causing one or more of the drivers to lose complete control of their vehicles and resulting in injury or death.

Another application of these protective metal tubes is afforded to off-road vehicles. Most 4×4 truck owners put a lot of time and money into making their rides look as attractive as possible. The sidebars will often provide protection from the rocks and debris which tends to get kicked up during off-roading activities.

Many a ranch vehicle has the side bull bar installation to help prevent large animals from getting too close to the occupants of the truck. Depending upon how far they protrude from the sides of the truck, these bars can often act in the same manner as the bull bars installed on the front of the vehicle as well.