Building Security Cameras – Why Don’t You Have One?

Anyone who owns a building of any kind or anyone who manages property for others knows the value of security cameras. Sadly in this day and age when there is paranoia running rampant, security has jumped to the top of everyone’s mind.

As a building owner or a property management company who manages property for others internal and external building security cameras should be in your bag of tricks to keep occupants safe and protect the building from vandals.

As you know the sight of a security camera may not be a 100% deterrent to vandalism but if the bad guys are dumb enough to vandalize your property chances are very good alpr camera they will get caught if the camera is situated properly.

There are several options depending on your needs and the size of the building.

For internal and external security few things are better that a complete surveillance system. They have everything you need and can have anywhere from four to sixteen cameras or more. The software even divides your monitor into enough screens to watch all the cameras at the same time.

Another popular option is the high speed PTZ (pan, tilt zoom) dome cameras. These sophisticated high tech machines can work indoors and out and are the perfect solution for covering a large area like external building security or parking lots.

They feature as much as a 216 X zoom enabling you to get a license number off a car parked hundreds of feet away. Another great feature is the 360 degree continuous monitoring. The camera even houses a heater to keep the camera functioning smoothly in the most severe weather. This camera is the choice of many security experts to protect their clients.

If you don’t have a security camera for your building, when are you getting one?

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